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April 26, 2011



For the past two years — during that six-month window where the Midwest is pleasant and habitable — I’ve been on a quest to find the best park to take my kids to. I have a 2 1/2-year-old girl and 10-month-old boy, and we’ve made the rounds. Here are the pros and cons of what we’ve found so far.

Douglas Park. Not pictured: Gay stuff.

PROS: Easy 10-minute walk from home; adjacent to high school athletic fields; my daughter Sarah is big enough to use all the play equipment; Sarah often has chances to play with one or two neighborhood kids her age or older.
CONS: Now that she’s been to bigger/better parks, Sarah gets bored with this one within 15 minutes; even the neighborhood parents who bring their own beer are douchebags; rubber tire shreds blanketing the ground always find their way into my kid’s diaper.

PROS: Lots of trees and hills; frisbee golf course ensures you can take the kids out for a good time and buy yourself a recreational dimebag all in the same trip, if that’s your thing; there’s also a performance stage, which Sarah and I love to hang out on; right across the street from a plasma center, so you can teach your child early about inequality between classes in America.
CONS: After several visits, I started to notice men would pull into the parking lot by themselves, sit in their cars and wait for other men to pull into the parking lot by themselves, then they’d talk amongst themselves for a minute and caravan together out of the park. On one visit, a perv van pulled into the lot, opened its passenger side door and started blasting a Josh Groban dance mix. The music motivated three separate dudes to climb into the van, one by one. If George Michael visited Springfield, Illinois, you can bet he’d be hanging out the Douglas Park men’s room.

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