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May 21, 2011

How Not To Internet Date, 21 May 2011


Being a girl on a social networking site, you learn really fast that you are a target for losers looking for a booty call. This is the case no matter your relationship status. I found so much humor in this, I decided to create a singles profile on a dating website just to bait suckers like the ones below. Please, enjoy the outcome!

This week we have three short pieces for you! Keep in mind, some guys are just morons right out of the gate, and the conversation never gets going.

RandyCool: HI…… howz u doing…. send me you conatct detailz… my ya…hoo id is… ravianXXX_99…….. talk to u soon…..

Michelle Dee:  I’mz doinz wellz. Am Iz uzin my Z’s properly? Iz don’t givez outz personal informationz untilz Iz knowz you better. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Exception:  Hi

Michelle Dee:   Exception to what?

Exception:    noone fits what you are looking for, except me Lol:)))

Michelle Dee:   What can you offer that no one else can?



fclock2: In STL tonight ….wanna cuddle tonight?

Michelle Dee: Ummm… no?

fclock2: Really …cute boy willing to do anything :)

Michelle Dee: oh desperate AND creepy!

fclock2: Yikes …nevermind then