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November 9, 2011

The Majesty of Karaoke

edited by ANDREW HICKS

Karaoke: Where the world's most attractive people huddle together and scream beautifully into a microphone.

“For every failed singer in this world, there is a karaoke DJ eating his weight in hot wings by dim light.”

The ancient Japanese art of karaoke has never really seemed to hit its zenith in America. Even today, every bar you go to has at least one karaoke night on its chalkboard schedule, nestled between $2 Pitcher Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday.

So what’s the appeal? For every Joe Average, maybe it’s the dream of wooing a lady friend with a mystical version of Peter Frampton‘s “Baby, I Love Your Way.” In reality, the alcohol involved always seems to transform Frampton’s ode to loving a female’s way into a horribly off-key, off-rhythm “‘OohbabeeILove…’ where am I? The damn screen’s moving too fast. Where’s Brenda at? Get up here, y’whore! ‘WannaTeeellYou…'”

Karaoke, at its crux, is basic good fun. No one’s there to judge your performance. Oh sure, that guy who just threw up on his shirt sorta looks like Simon Cowell, but remember: you’re wearing beer goggles. I lied about the “no one’s judging you” thing, actually. If you’re singing, you should be aware that I am judging you based on pitch, vocal range and choice of material. I am your own… personal… Cowell.

But you’re not going to win a recording contract and/or make millions with me. I’m judging you solely because I don’t want to make the same mistakes you do. Recently, I made plans to go out with a girl (yeah, I was surprised, too) who absolutely loves to sing. And apparently displays the same lack of shame that I do. A keeper? After tonight’s debacle? Right? (Right!) You’re bloody well right!

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January 2, 2011

Who Is Your Inspiration?


Ladies Love Finger Buddah

It doesn’t matter if you write stories, poems, or jokes. We all were inspired to indulge our talent by someone or something. A Teacher, friend, author, poet, comic, etc. Here are a few of my inspirations:

  1. Johnny Carson: The only entertainer that would bomb in his monologue and still make it damn funny.
  2. Adam Sandler: Made me want to make goofy videos with my buddies. His comedy CDs are AWESOME. The one person my comedic mind wants to measure up to. Yes, I know there is a long road ahead.
  3. Bill Cosby: Does the type of standup I don’t do well — storytelling.
  4. Ron White: A guy I somewhat tried to emulate when I first started out in standup, minus the cigar and scotch.
  5. Maria Bamford: The funniest lady in comedy today. Maria is funny enough to have her own sitcom.  I did a workshop with her and it was mega-fun. She is the blond in the Target Black Friday commercials, for those who aren’t familiar with her.
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