Most of We’re Not Funny’s staff is centered in the Midwest, primarily in Missouri and Illinois. We are a collective of writers, comedians and all-around smartasses. WNF is a revolving door for untainted, as-yet undiscovered comedic voices.

Editor in Chief/Co-Founder:

Andrew J Hicks

Creative Coordinator/Senior Contributor:


Twitter Feed Editor/Senior Contributor:

Tony Fyler

Facebook Fan Page Editor:

Tiffany Hicks

Senior Contributors:

Eric Dohman
Anne Gardner
Ertel Gray
Matt Linville
Lola Tucker
Eve Ventrella


Andrew Cline
C.J. Dodd
James Draper
Scotty Harris
Andrew King
Ryan Krause
Justin Olomon
Allison Stein
Emily Toops

Guest Contributors:

Jeff Bailey
Chenell B.
Kate Hayes
K.B. Marion
Nym Pseudo
Buddy Redman
Vickie Sauseda
Jessica Stimson
Richard Wentz

Gone But Not Forgotten

Michelle Dee (FB fanpage editor/senior contributor)
Buddah Eskew (senior contributor)
Paul Lao (senior contributor)
Mike Mayberry (guest contributor)
Drift Roberts (guest contributor)
Saracakes (Twitter feed editor / contributor)
Jessica Stimson (FB fanpage editor/senior contributor)
Inscrutable JeffRey Trotter (contributor)
Christopher Woo/T. Allan Christopher (associate editor / co-founder)


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