We’re Not Funny came to life in December, 2010. A trio of Facebook friends (Andrew Hicks, Christopher Woo and J.Miz) had been goofing around on each other’s walls with wordplay games and riffs on pop culture and the Internet at large. The following idea came up: Why not get a few more like-minded folks and turn this stuff into a comedy blog? So, with a modest handful of mostly Illinois and Missouri-based comedians and writers, the WNF crew was born.

We are a collective of writers, comedians and all-around smartasses. WNF is a revolving door for untainted, as-yet undiscovered comedic voices.

WereNotFunny.com is just a portion of our creative output. Exclusive one-liners and mini-conversations run on our Twitter feed and our Facebook fanpage.

All works are licensed under a Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License. This means you can read it and share it with credit, but not re-post it without credit or make any changes to it. 

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