We ‘Bout To Get Kim Jong Ill

Kim Jong swills.

Before his death, the North Korean dictator merchandised the crap out of his likeness rights… KIM JONG SHILL.

Roasted dog-meat burgers are on the Dollar Menu at KIM JONG GRILL.

That little guy sure had a high voice… KIM JONG SHRILL.

Dude had a sex change 30 years ago that was somehow hidden from mass media… KIM JONG JILL.

North Korea should construct a protected landscape using Kim Jong’s figure as inspiration. Enjoy your kimshe on the grassy tummy area of KIM JONG HILL.

Or in Summer 2012: Take the kids for a spin on the new Wackadoodle Minicoaster at KIM JONGVILLE.

Care for fresh pepper on your Korean food? Ask the waiter to grind his KIM JONG MILL.

For being a totalitarian, he had little power in the bedroom — he could only manage the KIM JONG TIP DRILL.

Every time he ejaculated, it was a KIM JONG SPILL.

His hoarding habits will make for a lengthy read of the KIM JONG WILL.

Did he drown? Because I don’t think he was KIM JONG GILL.

Maybe he fell on a porcupine… KIM JONG QUILLS.

He really loved American popular culture. After acquiring it many years ago, it is now known that he will be buried in Elvis’s KIM JONG COUPE DEVILLE.

Which sure beats dumping the body in the KIM JONG FILL.

Lil’ Wayne to release tribute song: “KIM JONG MILLI, A MILLI, A MILLI.”

Diced tomato, short black hair, green chile, sunglasses, jalapeno and a crazy-assed smile = KIM JONG ROTEL.

From We’re Not Funny, we’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY KIM JONG YULE.

CONTRIBUTORS: Andrew Hicks, J.Miz, Christopher Woo, Eric Dohman, Andrew Cline.
EDITED BY: Andrew Hicks

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