Haiku News, 19 July 2011

by WOO

Source: J.Lo and Anthony had ‘heated, horrible fights’

If I gave a fuck
I would express such a fuck
alas, no fuck here

Search Engines Negatively Affect Information Retention

The quicker we learn
The faster we forget it
How many syllables are supposed to be on the very last line of a haiku?

Is media giving US women’s soccer team a free pass for its World Cup Fail?

A pass? Don’t think so
Reality obvious
Soccer just sucks ass

Not really Emma Watson, but do you think we care?

Reports: Lion being sent to Apple stores, AppleCare

Holy shit! Run fools!
They are sending Lions your way
What? It’s software? Oh…

Emma Watson To Star In Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast?
I mean, I guess I’d watch it
Hermione grew boobs!

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