Dirty Humor

by Paul Lao

Comedy is a lot like magic in the way Alan Moore explains it. The phrase “casting a spell on you,” is a literal meaning. Words in music, words that inspire, words that provoke anger, words that provoke sadness, words that hypnotize, words that are funny, forgotten words, words that build efficiency, words that define other words. If you think about it, there are many genres for the human language. In some cases we use what is called onomatopoeia which is what humans use to describe a sound of an animal or object that can’t be spelled but symbolized. We use imagery to help someone who is listening to visualize something less tangible like the fear of heights or how one copes with being numb from the waist down.

I have studied and dabbled in many aspects of comedy. I have done self deprecating comedy, impressions, story telling, one-liners, misdirection, religious, political, prop, sexual, racial, offensive, themed, low energy, high-energy, physical, satire, improvisational, sketch, mime, and a little bit of roasting. I even wrote a musical.

I have a lot of different friends, who all have different senses of humor that I had to adapt to in order to stay friends with. After a while I may forget their name but I will know to use a pun with those that can appreciate it. Or talk about the latest episode of Entourage and do a quick impression. Or even tell someone who knows my dad an embarrassing story.

Which brings me to the reason I wrote this essay. Dark, offensive, blue humor. I had to be willing to sacrifice my prudence in order to explore the grossest, nastiest, and most disagreeable characters, to find what was funny and what was just shock. But people laugh when they are scared or have made a mistake. People laugh in astonishment. And laughter is how we as Comedians know that we are doing our job.

I recently wrote the following statement, “Men are different. Unlike the backstabbing, shit talking, saccharine smiles of their lone wolf bitch cunterparts. (That make up the young eager fans of Paris Hilton or the cast of the HIlls.) We actually use peer pressure not for the sake of everyone having a good time but as a cloak, to mask their own battle with alcoholism, weight gain, and sexual frustration. (Which tend to lead to anger, jealousy or showboat vehicular or strength competitions in which police intervention is normally associated with.)”

I took a type of people that I see at the bars a lot and I generalized them to use as an unknown villain. However my mistake was using, ” men are different, as the opening statement.” What I should have said, “OC douchebags are different from The Jersey Shore’s Snookie.” A backstabbing , . . . .etc.

The power of 3 words. vs 2 specific references.

I have been all over with clean and dirty comedy and I still love both. I love the energy and the cleverness of both. But I am desensitized and sometimes have to “throw it out there.” I also speak so freely that my tact is, well to put it in Internet terms, “lagey” .

With the Rubik’s Cube, you get what you want when you know how it works and that is a lot like knowing your audience and getting what you want from them by knowing what jokes work.

I like the Emcee’s job of being a scout, the feature or features as the soldiers, and the Headliner as the Commander. It is Sun Tzu’s art of war in a comedy club anywhere.

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