A Little About Josh Fuller


As I write this note, Josh is on the road to recovery, and I unfortunately have not kept in touch with the majority of the Hacienda restaurant community.  But Josh is made from the stuff of legends.  When I met him in the kitchen at Hacienda, we all worked together as grunts doing our part to supply the world with warm garbage burritos, while at the same time keeping the nastiest woman alive at bay. Her first name was Nancy; her last name escapes my memory, but her cackling, emphysema-ridden cough haunts my very soul.

What started as casual Halo playing soon turned into Josh hosting many a drunken festival.  He was the guy who had a party somewhere at his place, and if there already was a party, he was the afterparty, and if there already was an afterparty, then he was up at 6, running and working out.

Josh Fuller was Bill Brasky.

No door can be locked on Josh Fuller.  He will climb a two story house and crack open a window, break down the door with his head, or simply drive his car into it.

If you forget anything in your room in Las Vegas, don’t cancel those plans. Josh will simply run two miles in any direction and be back in five minutes with the desired item.

If you recycled the amount of liquor bottles total that has been consumed or supplied or left at one of Josh’s pads you could put three Cambodian kids through five semesters of college at Yale.  (Airfare included)

Josh will take three punches to the face by a Mexican busboy, spit blood, and then conduct an intelligent discourse on why Final Fantasy 7 is the most emo RPG ever.

Josh’s nostrils flare when he detects gas leaks.
Apparently, every building he has ever been in has a gas leak.

Josh Fuller lives a competitive, vibrant life that is comparable to being a rock star, a frat boy minus snobbery and a gracious host who can burst through walls.  Everyone who has ever been in Josh’s company — even his enemies — are lucky to know him.  His doors and his heart have provided sanctuary for many of us social outcasts, and I hope he is okay.  I actually kind of think of him as an invincible, against-all-odds kind of guy.  I guess this news took me out of the legend, but it does sort of bring me back.

In closing, I would like to say if you get laid at a Fuller party, it’s Josh’s fault.  Somehow, he had a hand in it. Sometimes literally.

Get well dude,
Paul Lao

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