3DSC, Day 11: Favorite song with accompanying dance

edited by ANDREW HICKS
creatively conceived by J.MIZ

DAY 11: FAVORITE SONG WITH ACCOMPANYING DANCE (e.g. “The Twist,” “Humpty Dance,” “Teach Me How To Dougie”)

This guy has his name across the lenses of his sunglasses. That's a little absurd, if you ask us.

I’m actually a good dancer, but I’m old now, so I dont practice the hip dances to nail it at the club anymore. Last summer, though, my cousin got married, and who knew that the trifecta of weed, Bud Light draft and a party dress would cause me to know every damn lick of Soulja Boy Crank Dat“?

I confess major guilty fondness for “Mambo No. 5,” but I’m not aware of any particular dance being attached to it. There’s regular mambo, of course. But I’ve never heard of a dance utilizing the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 or beyond.

I love that “Down down, do your dance / Walk it by yourself, now walk by yourself” by Cupid. I feel so G-fab cuz I totally can follow orders barked at me by a silky-smooth brown-skinned brotha. White people have line dancing… FAIL.

They played “Cupid Shuffle” at a mother/son dance I went to. The one black mom and I were the only ones dancing.

I have to admit I can’t do the Electric Slide to save my life, but I love to pretend that it’s the first time I’m learning the dance every time I’m at a wedding reception.

We gots to up your dance game. You white girls need some serious dance lessons, at least for weddings. Funny thing is, at weddings, my mom and I play a game called Dance Off-Beat because it’s so hard for us. And I didn’t have a lesson past age 7. I need to empower my bitches!

Hey, I Zumba! I can ass shake with the best of them! I’m just really bad at synchronized dancing with repetitive steps. The Charleston threw me off for a long time, too.

Search Google Image for "Macarena," and you will get a couple pictures of these lucky old bastards, but you'll also find there's an extremely hot Catalan model whose first name is Macarena. And you might spend a couple minutes staring at her pictures. In the bathroom. With a handful of Jergen's.

Confession Time: I truly enjoy hearing and dancing the Macarena. The Los Del Rio Bayside Boys mix that was at #1 for like four months, of course, not the shit-on-a-stick slapdash Los Del Mar version that was rushed onto MTV Party To Go Vol 10. Conversely, I’m okay with hearing “Whoot! There It Is,” but don’t you dare play “Whoomp! There It Isat my funeral.

The Time, “The Bird.” Whawk! Hallelujah! You ladies need to show a little respect to the two pimps who made that song: Morris Day and Jerome. Betta muthafuckin recognize!

I’m so confused by the mix of Ryan’s authoritative pimpership and manners. It’s like being flushed by somebody you want to give a pat on the head and some milk and cookies. I’m called a lady, yet bossed and told what it is I should be doing.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Tonight, I learned that the actual name of the song is not “Electric Slide” but “Electric Boogie.” This may have some sort of trivia-related payoff in the future. –AH]

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