How Not To Internet Date, 25 Feb. 2011

by Michelle Dee

Being a girl on a social networking site, you learn really fast that you are a target for losers looking for a booty call. This is the case no matter your relationship status. I found so much humor in this, I decided to create a singles profile on a dating website just to bait suckers like the one below. Please, enjoy the outcome!

Dab1971: hello beautiful,how are you?

Michelle Dee: i’m ok

Dab1971: good, i am to since i heard from beautiful :)  so whats a good looking lady like yourself doing single?

Michelle Dee: well i was married.. then I divorced, so now I’m single.

Dab1971: lol, same as me,i was married for 10 yrs been divorced for 5 yrs

Michelle Dee: lol

Dab1971: so you date black guys

Michelle Dee: not currently


Dab1971: lol

Dab1971: why is that

Michelle Dee: cuz i haven’t been asked out by one

Michelle Dee: my ex husband is a black guy

Dab1971: oh that makes sense lol

Dab1971: oh damn

Dab1971: see i new you a smart woman :)

Dab1971: where

Michelle Dee: where what?

Dab1971: oppsmean are

Dab1971: how long where you married

Michelle Dee: 8 years

Dab1971: kids?

Michelle Dee: 2

Dab1971: wow i have 2  bi racial girls

Michelle Dee: ahh

Michelle Dee: my kids are white

Michelle Dee: Hence the divorce

Dab1971: k, are any black people in st charles lol

Dab1971: i never been there

Michelle Dee: there are a few and I have been with them all

Dab1971: lmao

Dab1971: k then player player lol

Michelle Dee: what they say about black guys is a lie

Dab1971: some of us lol

Michelle Dee: I guess I’ve only slept with the other 98%

Dab1971: ha ha, well i like white pussy thats for sure :p

Michelle Dee: damn… wish I had one

Dab1971: lol, you like em to huh

Michelle Dee: No i mean a pussy

Michelle Dee: i don’t have one

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