“Reverse racism” is a term I have heard and read quite often recently. It is always used in the context of a minority having/showing racial hatred for whites. It is also fucking retarded.

First of all, isn’t it kinda racist to segregate the hatred from a race by naming it differently than another race? It’s just racism people! Don’t call it something else because some one else is doing it. They have the right to be “just plain racists,” like any stereotypical Southern hillbilly jackass.

Second, the term “reverse racism” is incorrectly defined. I believe “reverse racism” should logically be defined as
“aggressive racial acceptance.” Say a family whose ethnicity differs from yours moves into the neighborhood. You eyeball them as they pull up and start emptying their vehicles. Confidently, you watch from your yard. You shout things like, “We really LIKE your kind around here!” and “Hey! NEIGHBOR!” and “I HOPE to see you around!”

Although, in this case, it would probably work the same as regular racism. The new neighbors would get in their house, lock the doors, and talk about moving away from these crazy, too-friendly crackers.

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