10 Examples of Dad’s Geekiness

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Today starts a weekly We’re Not Funny feature written on a rotating basis by the parents on our writing staff. Join us for safe, family-oriented humor every Sunday, and tell all your friends who are moms and pops. -AH]



  • Likes to refer to 2-year-old daughter Sarah’s rainbow bib as “Roy G. Bib.”
  • When burping Silas, his 7 month old, will frequently pat his back to drum beat of “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie while singing, “Let’s burp!”
  • Got a good laugh out of a little kid on “Barney” saying, “She’s like a brother to me.”
  • When Silas peed on Dad’s leg while flashing a huge grin, wrote a Facebook status about it on phone before cleaning up.
  • While half-awake, could have sworn Elmo was singing “Skeet skeet skeet skeet” on “Sesame Street.”
  • After breaking ankle on neighbor’s stairs last fall, wanted to purchase said stairs and comically reenact Stephen King‘s practice of buying and destroying the car that hit him in 1999, when he broke every bone in his body. Later found out King didn’t actually do this; he just bought the car and had it junked.
  • When Silas smiles, Dad sometimes calls him “Smiley Silas” because it rhymes with the name of Billy Ray Cyrus‘s uber-famous teenage daughter. Major geek behavior.
  • Occasionally uses the prefix uber-.
  • Upon learning Sarah would automatically laugh when hearing the word “sassy,” Dad tracked down every Phil Hartman quote he could find from 1991 Sassy’s Sassiest Gentlemen” SNL sketch.
  • Now can draw Elmo’s head in seconds with five pen strokes.
  • Built most of this blog posting around months-old material written on a yellow legal pad. (Sorry, this actually belongs in the companion piece “Examples of Dad’s Laziness.”)

2 Comments to “10 Examples of Dad’s Geekiness”

  1. as a single father the switch from macho male to geeky dad takes place quicker than Clark Kent changing in a phone booth. To make matters worse all sense of shame that should accompany knowing the dance routines to High School Musical went out the window years ago.

  2. you pegged me with loving your kids stories as a sure giggle from JMiz. i need to meet your critters before they hate us all and thrive on angst <3

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