Whims By Woo

by Woo (duh!)


There is no “I” in Team. There is, however, “Meat”. Mmmmmm.


Sisyphus: An STD which causes your penis to have to roll your testicles uphill, only to have them roll back down, for the rest of eternity.

If you missed the joke – sources: 1 and 2


I think I’m getting Dyslexia. I tried to choke that bitch, but ended up giving her a neck rub.


Newsflash: Jason Statham releases new movie. Same movie as 8 others he’s done.


Dear Baby Boomers,

We get it. Rap is about rhyming words. Crap rhymes with rap. Calling it “that rap crap” is just hi-lar-ious. You can stop now. Really. Stop.


This is the first post in the Whims By Woo series. Stay tuned for more!

6 Comments to “Whims By Woo”

  1. Loved the Sisyphus joke. And the dyslexia one. Hell, they were all great! Great post.

  2. Funny enough, I searched “Not Funny” to see what kind of posts it would give me, and, of course, your blog came up.

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