Enter The Buddah

by J.MIZ

Andrew Hicks at 16?

I became affiliated with We’re Not Funny after Andrew Hicks stalked me off a mutual Facebook friend’s page. This lead to a succession of subsequent stalkings by WooAlan Perry and Buddah Eskew, among others. It was their collective error in thinking I had any sense of humor or comedic bone in my body. What became evident almost IMMEDIATELY, is that I’m a gangster. Part of my OG-ness is YOU DO NOT FUCK UP ON MY WATCH!

As we all began to congregate in a secret Facebook group (Damn! I broke the first rule of secret Facebook group! Dammit! Twice! Dammit!), our individual quirks, weaknesses and fortès became apparent. For Buddah, failure was upon him in the inability to lightly tap an enter key in order to post in the group. As I have always procured my own brand of vernacular and quirky phrases, I immediately sent Buddah off to a virtual corner to don THE HELMET! This has lead to numerous helmet jokes and Buddah often being referred to as ENTER or “Enter is the NEW BUDDAH.”

With the amount of my content increasing in WNF and its sister site We’re Not Serious, I decided to encourage my parents to read. A quick side note — my mom taught special ed and thus gifted her children with the glorious, “Go put on your helmet!” joke. My dad, well that’s the INFAMOUS BOB! Upon my third attempt at getting BOB to read WNS, he finally got it! He emailed me with a very sweet compliment and a short poem of his own. That is all well and good, but not as great as his reaction to Woo’s personal blog! BOB’s statements were as follows, without him even being privy to the HELMET jokes:

    “That’s a good picture of you by the way, but not as good as this Woo’s. He has on a helmet. You should have put on a helmet

    Chris "Woo" Trader

    Woo, in "helmet"!

    “I love Woo’s helmet. I always feel sorry for kids who have to wear those.”

That’ll do, BOB… That’ll do.


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