Do Reacharounds Count?

As close as I get to a smile around here


Today’s WordPress Topic Of The Day is: “Share something that makes you smile.”

What makes me smile? Nothing. Especially not around here. Here is a blog with 50,000 words, covering an array of topics, and not a shit-stick worth of funny.

The only thing funny around here is Andrew Hicks‘ fetishes with Michael Bolton and Billy Ray Cyrus. Can we please have an article covering something you didn’t masturbate to in the 90’s?

And what’s with this Woo? This fucking tardsmarts really thinks we don’t see through his attempts at comedy? Tag it as satire all you want, guy — we all know you really do suck cock for Facebook access, and have an unhealthy obsession with Verne Troyer. I’m with Kanye West, I’ll be over at The Onion.

3 Responses to “Do Reacharounds Count?”

  1. You forgot Elton John.

  2. So true. He’s pretty stuck on Elton.


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