Who Is Your Inspiration?


Ladies Love Finger Buddah

It doesn’t matter if you write stories, poems, or jokes. We all were inspired to indulge our talent by someone or something. A Teacher, friend, author, poet, comic, etc. Here are a few of my inspirations:

  1. Johnny Carson: The only entertainer that would bomb in his monologue and still make it damn funny.
  2. Adam Sandler: Made me want to make goofy videos with my buddies. His comedy CDs are AWESOME. The one person my comedic mind wants to measure up to. Yes, I know there is a long road ahead.
  3. Bill Cosby: Does the type of standup I don’t do well — storytelling.
  4. Ron White: A guy I somewhat tried to emulate when I first started out in standup, minus the cigar and scotch.
  5. Maria Bamford: The funniest lady in comedy today. Maria is funny enough to have her own sitcom.  I did a workshop with her and it was mega-fun. She is the blond in the Target Black Friday commercials, for those who aren’t familiar with her.
  6. Dale Jones: I met him at the Springfield Funny Bone through a friend. I have been friends with this guy ever since. He is my favorite performer and you should all go watch him. Not many better than Dale.
  7. Bill Burr: Very funny standup comic and fast-paced humor. Thinks like I do.
  8. David Letterman: Fuck Jay Leno! This guy does a much better interview and I like his quirkiness.
  9. Steve Martin: Talented enough to do anything. I would still watch him even if he became a porn star.
  10. George Carlin: A master craftsman. I loved his rants, and he was just about every comedian’s inspiration.

A headlining comedian once told me, “To be in this profession, you have to give it 5 years and dedicate yourself to a lot of stage time. If you are not where you think you should be in 5 years, then you probably won’t ever be.” It was and still is the best piece of advice I have heard to date.

I am at 3 years and  5 months. Clock is ticking, Buddah. But when you have a day job, family, drinking problem and porn addiction, it’s not always easy to stay focused on the task. I feel like 2011 is my make-or-break year.

My point is if you want to be a writer, poet, or juggle live ferrets on stage in Keokuk, Iowa — go do it already! Just be sure to give it your all.

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