by WE’RE NOT FUNNY, as written by WOO

We here at WNF asked ourselves, “Whatever happened to the ‘Wassup!’ crew from the Budweiser commercials?” So we tracked down the creator, and sent in a letter requesting an interview. We would have liked to have met up in a nice bar, or dining establishment, and discussed their current goings-on. However, after not receiving a response to our mailed request, we decided to call and see if we could not get a phone interview. That  interview went as follows:

We’re Not Funny: Yes. This is Woo over at We’re Not Funny, an online magazine. I was wondering if I might speak with the creator of the Wassup! commercials, Mr. Charles Stone III?

Charles Stone III: Hello?!

WNF: Umm, yes we’re doing a “where are the now?” segment for our magazine, and we were wanting to do one for you and the crew from the commercial. Would that be alright?

CS3: Watchin’ the game, havin a Bud.

WNF: Oh, well I assure you this will only take a few minutes of your time. If you are willing, you’ll be back
to the game in just a few minutes, alright?

CS3: True. True.

At this point it sounds as if another person has walked into the room Mr. Stone is in. I hear a faint “Wassuuuuup!” in the background.

CS3: Wassuuuuup!

WNF: Who was that?

Charles indicates that it’s Fred Thomas, and then the following exchange occurs:

CS3: Yo! Yo pick up the phone!

Fred Thomas: Hello?! Wassuuuuup!

CS3: Wassuuuuup!

FT: Yo! Where’s Dookie?

Paul Williams: Yo!

CS3: Wassuuuuup! Aaaaahhhaaa!

PW: Wassuuuuup! oooooahaaaaaaaa!

FT: Wassuuuuup!

Another voice comes through in the backgroud. We find later that it’s Terry Williams.

Terry Williams: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. Wassuuuuup!

FT: Wassuuuuup!

PW: Wassuuuuup!

CS3: Wassuuuuup!

Multiple phone clicks.

CS3: So Wassup WNF?

WNF: Interviewin’ you, wishin’ I was watchin the game, havin’ a Bud.

CS3: True. True.

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  1. i have a friend in LA, and we will still do this on occasion (:

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