WNF Holiday Shopping Guide, Pt. 1

by We’re Not Funny

In this wonderful season of giving, we here at We’re Not Funny thought we would put together a special guide for you. Sometimes it’s just hard to buy for certain people. At times it’s our own creativity that stifles us when it comes to gift-giving. Other times we’re just selfish pricks who don’t give gifts. The list we’ve compiled for you would warm the heart of  Ebenezer Scrooge himself (The Donald Duck one, screw that Mr. Magoo Bullshit).

Don’t tell me you’ve never looked at your sandwich, and thought to yourself, “if only I could use this as a storage medium.” You lying twat!
Bonus: I like to pass them out to the hungry and homeless, just to watch their reaction.

Ok, here we have a thong inscribed, “Kiss My Lips.” While we are showing you this product, I don’t know that we can really support it’s purchase. Ladies, if your man has you down to your thong, and still needs instruction, you should probably drop him back off at the Middle School before he is missed.

Nipple Covers. They cover up your nipples so that they can’t be seen through your shirt. We don’t know of anyone who thinks this is a problem, but maybe for someone it is. We’re Not Funny doesn’t judge…much. Hey, if you want to pay $30.00 to look like an androgynous mannequin be our guest!

To your left you will see the Go-Girl. To your right, the PitStop. We know of Freud talking about Penis Envy, but this is beyond us. One day a woman must have said to herself, “Damnit, I am so sick and tired of men getting to drain the lizard on trees and off the side of boats, I want my own lizard!”

The Pit-Stop option is unisex. And with a bonus hose and container to catch your glorious golden shower. Their website states that this was invented for long-haul truckers, but I think we all know this product is By World of Warcraft Players, For World of Warcraft Players.



Well friends, that is it for this edition of the WNF Holiday Guide. We know your friends and family will love these gifts. Really, no need to thank us. Seriously, it’s not necessary. Oh you!

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